Wednesday, 12/8/2020 | 11:53 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Head of Gas and Fuel Crisis: Crisis Contained in Record Time.

Tripoli, The Head of the Gas and Fuel Crisis Committee Milad Al Hajrasi has announced that the concerned authorities have identified the gas distribution stores which sell gas canisters on the black market which led to huge rise in its prices last week. The problem of the gas and fuel shortage was brought to an end thanks to the security patrols which was instructed to follow the gas canisters carrying trucks from the main depot at Al Hani up to the distribution centres to ensure that they would be smoothly sold to customers, Al Hajrasi said. The gas distribution centres which are caught in violation of the rules will be prosecuted, he added, indicating that thankfully the problem was contained in a record time.

Source: Libya News Agency