Thursday, 2/4/2020 | 12:50 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Head of EU Mission to Libya confirm EU full support to Presidential Council.

Tripoli, Head of EU Mission to Libya, Natalia Apostolova confirmed that her visit to Tripoli, comes to express full EU support to the Presidential Council and Government of National Accord. At a joint press conference with the German ambassador to Libya Christian Mach and the Italian Government Special envoy to Libya, Georgiou Estrachi following a meeting with the Presidential Council, Apostolova said today we have very fruitful talks with members of the PC, and look forward to collaborate with them and support them in all fields. Apostolova expressed EU desire that PC assumes its executive functions as soon as possible because the Libyan people awaiting quick actions. It underlined readiness of EU institutions to collaborate with the PC and GNA. Ambassador of Germany to Libya expressed satisfaction of measures and steps taken by the PC and his delight of international recognitions of PC activities increasing by the day. He said 'we discussed with the PC several issues and this is a start for several visits to be made. The Italian Government Special envoy to Libya, Georgiou Estrachi , said his country would host soon an international conference to gather support to the GNA and other institutions which would work with the government which we recognize and should recognize and work with. At a press conference, he said the Italian prime minister and foreign minister conveyed through me a message to journalists which is that any Italian initiative or from the EU countries would be taken after coordination and consultation with the presidential council and Libyan authorities. 'We are currently working to re-open the Italian embassy and its opening would be very close' he added.

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