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HCS holds broad meeting.

HCS holds broad meeting.Wednsday , 0612201716:09:00

Tripoli, 6 December, 2017 (Lana)The High Council of State held a
broad consultative meeting at its headquarters in Tripoli, during
which the political developments, the political accord and
negotiations on its amendments were reviewed. Members of the HCS
renewed their support to the political process and the efforts to
reach a consensus with the House of Representatives to amend the
political accord based on full partnership, urging all parties to
honour the accord as the only legitimacy to address the current
crisis according to UN Security Council Resolution No 2259.
They also stressed their keen interest to deal with the house of
Representatives as an institution through legal mechanism. They also
urged the HNEC to abide by its functions as spelled out in Libyan
legislations and not to exceed them in any way.