Friday, 7/8/2020 | 12:53 UTC+0
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Hariri receives Le Pen: The worst mistake would be the amalgam between Islam and terrorism

The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri received the candidate to the French presidential election, the president of the "National Front" Mrs. Marine Le Pen, accompanied by MP Gilbert Collard, her chief of staff Nicolas Lesage and her political adviser Omar Harfouch, in the presence of Hariri's chief of staff, Nader Hariri.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Hariri said that "Muslims are the first victims of the terrorism that claims to be from this religion, while it has no religion, and that the moderates who constitute the overwhelming majority of Muslims in the World are the first target of the supposedly Muslim terrorism because they are in fact the first bulwark against extremism ".

He added that "the worst mistake would be the amalgam between Islam and Muslims on one hand and terrorism on the other hand".

Hariri also said that "the Lebanese and Arabs, like the majority of the world, consider France to be the homeland of human rights and of the republican state that makes no ethnic, religious or class distinction between its citizens".

He added that "Lebanon, whose population does not exceed 4 millions, now hosts around 2 million refugees, which subjects its economy and infrastructure to an unparalleled pressure. The Lebanese government is currently preparing an integrated plan to face this situation and calls on the international community to assume its responsibilities in this crisis."

Le Pen

At the end of the meeting, Mrs Le Pen said: "After meeting with President Aoun this morning, I met with Prime Minister Saad Hariri, with whom we discussed the Syrian crisis. We each expressed our position. On certain points, we have of course common analysis, in particular on the absolute necessity of being able to bring around the table all the nations that want to fight Islamic fundamentalism and Daech, which are developing in a growing number of countries among which France, because Daech also recruits in France, in our neighborhoods, and Islamic fundamentalism is gaining importance and support in France.

On a number of other points, we have some differences, but again, this will not surprise anyone. They may also be related to the geographical location of our two countries. I expressed to the Prime Minister my analysis, which I expressed since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. I.e., in this situation, there is no viable and plausible solution other than this binary choice, which is Bachar al-Assad on one hand and the Islamic state on the other hand. I clearly stated that, in the context of policy of the lesser evil, which is a realistic policy, it appeared to me that Bachar al Assad is obviously today a much more reassuring solution for France than the Islamic State, if it comes to head Syria as it partly took power in Libya after the disappearance of Mr. Gaddafi.

We expressed common points of view, we have debated our differences of analysis, knowing that France is not Lebanon and that each of us defends- and it is quite natural, since we are both patriots- the interest of his own country which of course is not the same. I was very pleased with this meeting with the Prime Minister, to whom I obviously expressed my congratulations for his father's work and especially the reconstruction of this beautiful city of Beirut."

Source: National News Agency