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Hariri from the Bekaa: Our project is security, stability and reconstruction

NNA – Prime Minister Saad Hariri pursued Saturday his tour in the Bekaa, accompanied by the region’s MPs and Future Movement candidates.

Visiting Al-Manara where he was warmly welcomed by a crowd of supporters, Hariri thanked them for their affection, stressing that the march will continue and will show everyone the Bekaa’s image of moderation and generosity.

In his second stop-over at the crossing of Biret-Izzat al-Falouj towns and then the town of Kamed al-Laouz, the Prime Minister addressed citizens saying, “We will be one voice on May 6 in the face of the lists that portray themselves as new, while in fact you know them and you know the Future Movement, our path and the path of Martyr Premier Rafic Hariri.”

Heading to Jeb Jannine where a rally was held at former Minister Sami Khatib’s residence, Hariri said: “We are here to tell the people of the Bekaa and those who are against us about West Bekaa and its loyal people, who will reveal on May 6 the true identity of West Bekaa and Rachaya. And we will continue the path of loyalty, affection, development, building, and moderation.”

After that, Premier Hariri inaugurated Kab Elias Hall in al-Farouk Islamic Complex, in the presence of Muslim and Christian clergymen, citizens, MPs and candidates.

Hariri thanked the Sheikhs for their work in the Association, saying: “You are the loyal people who loved Rafic Hariri and I hope to continue the same path with you. We have a long journey in front of us and you know that there were difficulties in the last few years but the state is starting to recover and achieve some success. This region needs projects and services starting with electricity, water and job opportunities. This region deserves a lot and this is why we went to CEDRE. We allocated big projects for this region, including electricity, water, sewage system and roads. The financing is ensured and all we need to do is to implement some reforms so the projects start.”

He added: “Some question the love of Kab Elias to Saad Hariri and the Future Movement. I tell them: On May 6, you will see the city that preserved coexistence not because Saad Hariri asked for that, but because it is in the essence of this region. We can see what is happening around us in Syria, Iraq, Libya and we know the cost. This is why this region protected coexistence between Muslims and Christian.”

He continued: “The most important thing is that CEDRE conference will create 90 thousand job opportunities per year. This is what matters to me because the youth of Lebanon are the future and we should work for you. These candidates are at your service and I am your representative in parliament. We will show them what Kab Elias is on May 6, and the Bekaa will say its word in favor of our list. These are our candidates and you will vote for the list as is.”

The Prime Minister later accepted an invitation by the Mayor of Maxeh Atef Mais to a luncheon banquet in his honor, attended by the MPs of the region, Mufti al-Mais, the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Fouad Fleifel, the candidates of West and Central Bekaa, Nader Hariri and a large number of dignitaries.

In his speech at the luncheon, Hariri said: “In these elections everybody will know the loyalty of the people of the Bekaa to Rafic Hariri and to Saad Hariri. Our project is the project of security, stability, reconstruction and education, and you saw our achievements in the last one and a half years, in wake of the political agreement in the country. Our project is clear: activate the state’s institutions starting with the army, the security forces, the ministries and particularly, the economy. We went to Rome to ensure all that is needed for the army and security forces. We went to Paris with a main goal, to find job opportunities for the youth all over Lebanon.”

Hariri concluded: “Regardless of the nature of the electoral laws, Saad Hariri and Rafic Hariri live in your hearts, and on May 6 we will show them what the Bekaa is.”


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