Hamouda In Press Conference: Government Reminds All State Institutions To Work Under Presidency Council Being The Spreme Commander.

Tripoli, A Spokesman for the Government of National Unity Mohamed Hamouda said ‘the Government reminds all military institutions that they need to work under the Presidency Council being the Commander in Chief, and that the Government was the one endorsed by Parliament to be responsible for domestic affairs and security, reaffirming that the Government was working to re-unify the military institution.

This came at press conference Hamouda held last night after the third cabinet meeting.

According to the Spokesman, the Head of GNU stressed at the meeting that there were parties, which he described as few in number, who still do not acknowledge the historical opportunity for Libyans to establish a real state, and that the Government was moving forwards to stage visits to all cities and has established a reconstruction fund for cities such as Benghazi, South Tripoli, Sirte and Derna.

Return of all displaced people without exceptions must be done, to kick start the reconstruction process.

The Spokesman detailed Government achievements since it came to power including a 1.75 billion for spouse and children bonus and the increase of basic income support and salaries of public servants.

He also said the Government takes credit for importing 400000 CoronaVirus vaccines, and vaccinating 60000 people.

Source: Libyan News Agency