Thursday, 27/2/2020 | 4:40 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Government of National Accord convenes its first session.

Tripoli,-Governmnet of National Accord convened Wednesday in Tripoli, its first consultative session for this year. The meeting headed by Presisdent of the Presisdency Council of Fayze Saraj. At the outset of the meeting, Saraj underlined the significance of the stage undergone by the country and responsibility shouldred by the council and governmnet to overcome difficulties and lift hardship and face all the challenges. He briefed the governmnet on a host of issues and current developments at the political arena and efforts made to end the state of division and rally forces. He also reviewed challenges facing the Presidency Council and measures taken to operationalize security institutions and address living crises such as providing cash and addressing power disrruption and relief aid to the displaced. He stressed the need to find speedy solutions to problems and bottlenecks faced by the citizen across the country. Saraj also stressed that services should be rendered to all citizens and the GNA is government for all Libyans. The cabinet agreed at the meeting that ministers should submit detailed work planes and timetables for short term and long term levels. The ministers stressed their commitment that submitted programmes are in line with the nature of the current crisis and the required speed and be concurrent with government vision and priorities.

Source: Libyan News Agency