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Libyan Newswire

GNC Political Committee meets members of the Tripolitania Commission

Tripoli, 14.03.2016(Lana) In line with the GNC Political Committee's reaching out to various segments of Libyan society to reach a consensus solution satisfactory to all parties, it met Monday with members of the Tripolitania Commission to provide them with the opportunity to present their initiative on addressing the crisis. The meeting held at GNC premises discussed the initiatives of the commission and members of the political committee made their inquires and questions relevant to the initiative. They were also informed that the GNC and HoR are about to come up with a common initiative. Members of the Tripolitania Commission asked for permission from the GNC to reach out to all parties and present their initiative. Members of the commission expressed desire that the GNC and parties to the crisis come up with more than one initiative publically as soon as possible in order to discuss and study them and reach consensus solution satisfactory to all segments of Libyan society.

Source: Libya News Agency