Monday, 22/4/2019 | 2:44 UTC+0
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GNA President Issues Decision To Establish Integrated Healthcare Regions.

Tripoli, the President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Serraj has issued Decision No 1353 to establish integrated healthcare regions numbering six, which have independent financial status and affiliated with the Ministry of Health. The six regions included: – Tripoli Integrated Healthcare Region, to be based in Tripoli – Western Integrated Healthcare Region, to be based in Al Zawiyah – Central Integrated Healthcare Region, to be based in Misrata – Southern Integrated Healthcare Region, to be based in Sebha – Eastern Integrated Healthcare Region, to be based in Al Baiedha – Benghazi Integrated Healthcare Region, to be based in Benghazi According to the decision the regions undertake to implement national healthcare policies, oversee and run preliminary healthcare centres and hospitals within their jurisdictions. The new regions will be also be tasked with supporting studies and research on local health issues, and to put in place the proper strategies and plans to respond to local healthcare needs in line with the national healthcare services package accredited by the Ministry of Health. The regions undertake to prepare and contribute to plans to aimed at providing first aid services, rescue and medical assistance in the event of emergencies and natural disasters. They will also prepare the statistics and references regarding the health conditions of local populations and the resources they needed to execute plans to improve those conditions. The regions are also required to oversee the quarantine activities, prepare for any outbreak of epidemics and enforce laws regarding healthcare work licenses.

Source: Libya News Agency




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