Wednesday, 23/1/2019 | 7:09 UTC+0
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GNA Interior Minister Assigns Security And Crossings Posts And Establishes Human Rights Office At Ministry.

Tripoli, The GNA Interior Minister Fathi Pahagha has issued a number of decisions assigning bosses to security directorates and border crossings, he also initiates an office for human rights at the ministry. The Decision No. 1955 assigns Brigadier Al Taher Abu Al Gasem Al Mahmoudi with the task of Director of General Administration of Border Crossing Security. Brigadier Ahmed Karkoub was assigned as the Director of Cooperation and Public Relations Department, while Dr. Usama Oeidan was appointed Director of Department of Traffic and Driving Licenses. Brigadier Salem Gremeda was assigned to the Tripoli Security Directorate and Izzedin Al Zaroug as Director of Security at Tripoli Inter. Airport. Col. Khayri Mohamed Al Arabi was appointed as Director of Security at Mi’tiga Inter. Airport.

Source: Libya News Agency




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