Thursday, 20/2/2020 | 1:39 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

GNA Foreign Ministry denounces Zionist aggression on Palestinian people in Gaza.

Tripoli, On Tuesday, GNA Foreign Ministry

denounced Zionist aggression on Palestinian people in Gaza.

In statement received by Lana the foreign ministry said;' we follow

up with profound concern the bloody Zionist aggression on the

Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and other parts of occupied

Palestine on the Day of Land which claimed over 16 martyrs and over

1000 injured, in unjustified aggression on people claiming their

usurped rights.

As the ministry follows up with indignation in Gaza and all

territories in occupied Palestine, it vigorously denounces this

perfidious aggression and calls on international community such as

the UN and Security council to shoulder their moral and legal

responsibility to take the measures to stop the aggression and

punish its perpetrators according to international law.

The ministry offers condolences to the Palestinian people and wishes

speedy recovery to the Palestinian people.

Source: Libya News Agency