Friday, 21/2/2020 | 8:09 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

GNA Foreign Minister Stresses Importance of Security and Political Cooperation Between Libya, Niger, Sudan and Chad.

Niamey, The GNA Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala

has stressed the importance of political and security cooperation

between Libya, Niger, Sudan and Chad to combat cross-border crime,

drug and contraband smuggling.

Speaking before a consultation meeting that was held in the

Nigerien capital on Tuesday to coordinate effort between Libya and

the African Sahel countries to secure borders and combat cross-border

threats including terrorism and trafficking, Siala said 'we meet

today to think loudly, after the danger widened and spared no one,

and it became evident that the matter requires collective action to

confront the threats against our peoples and our dreams for progress

and development.'

'We meet to consider the real danger aimed at us as states and

political entities, by an enemy which will not rest until it destroys

everything that's civilized and humane under plea of religion, Siala

told the audience.

He pointed out that the GNA Government is suffering from the

plight of terrorism and cross-border crime, which compels us to work

together to confront them, noting that Libya was the first country to

suffer, and still does, from this serious phenomenon.

Source: Libya News Agency