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GNA Cabinet Holds 6th Ordinary Meeting for 2017.

GNA Cabinet Holds 6th Ordinary Meeting for 2017.Thursday , 1805201718:08:00

Tripoli, 18 May 2017(Lana) The Government of National Accord cabinet has convened its 6th meeting for 2017 at the Government headquarter here, chaired by the President of the Presidency Council Fayez Al Serraj. The cabinet stressed at the start of the meeting that it would continue with efforts to establish national reconciliation. The political activities taking place in Libya these days and the continuous meetings between political antagonists as a sign of acknowledgement by all parties of the gravity of the situation and the need to reach a common ground to get the country out of its crisis, Al Serraj told the meeting. The GNA ministers gave detailed reports about the challenges they faced executing their duties, while the cabinet listened to brief of the meetings with representatives of the Central Bank of Libya on proposals and solutions to the problems facing the ordinary citizens. The cabinet dealt with the situation in Sirte, and recommended that all bottlenecks be addressed as soon as possible so the residents of the city could be able to return to their homes. =Lana=