Wednesday, 15/7/2020 | 1:38 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire


ACCRA, Aug 10 — Reports reaching Adom News indicate that scores of Ghanaians are being killed by the day in Libya by rebels who allegedly target black people in that country.

Some of the Ghanaians stranded in the conflict have made several SOS calls to staff of Adom FM reporting how their colleagues were being killed in bomb attacks on vehicles carting mainly dark-skinned people.

According to them, several countries have come in and evacuated their nationals but hundreds of Ghanaians are stranded in military camps and other locations in that country because their frantic calls for help have not been heeded.

They are therefore pleading with President John Mahama to send a rescue mission to go evacuate them from Libya to Ghana.

They claim they are unable to reach the Ghanaian Embassy in Tripoli for help and they are also unable to get out of their safe havens because the rebels target black people.

One victim, who mentioned his name as Koku Kingsley, told Adom News “in my estimation more than 300 Ghanaians have been killed so far and over 250 of us are now in a Military Camp at Tripoli waiting for Ghana government to come take us home to Ghana.”

He said the Libyan military officers took them in but they do not have any supplies in terms of clothes, food or anything, so they are really in a difficult situation in the camp.

Kingsley, who claimed to be a car tyre dealer in Tripoli, said he witnessed a colleague of his die in a bomb attack, and one other colleague of his left him to go get his brother, but he has since not heard from him as his phone lines are not going through.

One other victim called Godfred Konadu, aka Big Fredo said he is trapped in his house at Zintan in Tripoli because he is unable to go to work, and the shops around where he lives are all empty because “the shop owners have moved out the food and items into their homes for their personal use.”

“We are not able to move around and meet each other as Ghanaians because there is no gas and petrol so we only communicate on phone,” he said in a Whatsapp message to Adom News.

Big Fredo, who said he is a native of Suma Ahenkro in the Jaman North District said the situation is precarious, adding that “I can’t say exactly how many Ghanaians have been killed where I am but I know two friends of mine used to work in a factory which was recently bombed and we have since not seen or heard from them.”

These SOS calls from Ghanaians in Libya started trickling in for more than a week now, but it is not clear what Ghana government has been doing about it, as more Ghanaians report living in precarious conditions in that country.