Saturday, 18/1/2020 | 6:47 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

German President: Berlin, Rome and Paris should prevent the erosion of the Libyan state

Rome- 'Frank-Walter Stienmeier' the German President expressed his hopes in cooperation with Italy and France to launch a new initiative for "preventing the erosion of the Libyan state", as he put it. In an interview with the Italian newspaper 'Corrier della Sera", on his official visit to Rome yesterday, said that "the immigration issue is closely linked to Libya, where the situation requires a new European effort, if the erosion of the state is to be prevented, Italy, France and Germany can prepare and launch an initiative". " the main thing for me is that we should not leave Italy alone in this. I am confident that the European Commission will work to find solutions to the immigration issue, I hope there will be more joint European efforts in the future, more than in the past, that will ease the burden on Italy"; he added. He also stressed that cooperation between Berlin and Rome "is not limited to the issue of immigration".

Source: Libya News Agency