Sunday, 15/12/2019 | 6:01 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

German interior ministry: we are worried about the increasing of migrants flow through Libya to Italy.

Berlin, - The German interior minister "Tomas di Mister" , expressed his country's concern over the increase of the illegal immigrants numbers , coming through Libyan to Italy , especially by the arrival of summer season , and the good weather in the Mediterranean. Mister , asserted that Italy is in-need for more security on its southern borders , in order to deal with the expected waves of immigrations , according to the American ABC network. And with the decline of numbers of illegal immigrants going to Europe through Greece , due to NATO patrols , and the deal signed between Europe and Turkey , the officials are worried that the immigration flow will increase through Libya. The rout between Libyan and Europe , had witnessed incidents of mass drowning last year , after their bad boats overturned in sea waters.

Source: Libyan News Agency