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Freedom of movement vital for planting season in South Sudan

3 Apr 2015

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Margerita, a South Sudanese farmer, sows the seeds for her maize crop for next year. Photo: FAO/Jean Di Marino

Restrictions to people’s freedom of movement in South Sudan limit their abilities to provide for themselves, says Toby Lanzer, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in the country.

South Sudan continues to be plagued by a conflict that broke out between government and opposition forces in December 2013, displacing more than two million people and forcing half a million of others to flee to neighbouring countries.

According to the UN, traditional livestock migration patterns, agriculture and trading routes have been significantly disrupted by the ongoing fighting.

Toby Lanzer, who is also the deputy head of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) told Sani Martin that freedom of movement during the planting season is vital for people to tend their land and livestock.

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