Monday, 30/3/2020 | 9:54 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

France, Britain and Spain renew support to Presidential Council of Government of National Accord

Tripoli, France, Britain and Spain renewed support to Presidential Council of Government of National Accord. At press conference in Tripoli, Thursday, the ambassadors renewed their support for the territorial integrity and stability of Libya. The French ambassador explained that their visit to Tripoli today an evidence for the interest of the international community in this government, and their readiness to support it, and their intention that Libya be free, unified and stable. He also voiced his country readiness to support PC of GNA if such supported is request by the latter. The French ambassador said we want to return and open our embassy and offer all economic, social and cultural services. The British ambassador on his part expressed delight to visit Tripoli, being his first visit as British ambassador . He said he is looking forward to reopen the British embassy to offer services to the Libyans. He said the visit is a signal of our support to the PC of GNA and our goal is security and stability of Libya The Spanish ambassador said our presence in Tripoli is to reaffirm support to the Libyan government and comes after almost two year absence. He also expressed hope for the return of the Spanish people and reopening of the Spanish embassy.

Source: Libyan News Agency