Friday, 25/9/2020 | 10:52 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Foreign Ministry Publishes Book It Says Historical Account of 400 Years of Libyan Diplomacy

Tripoli-The GNA Foreign Ministry has published a book entitled 'History of Libyan Diplomacy 1551-1951', written by Dr. Mahmoud Al Dweik. According to the Ministry's Communication Office, 'the 592 page book written in Arabic language outlines the history of Libyan diplomacy across 4 centuries, and international relations and diplomacy in this distinguished territory located on the Mediterranean with a strategic geographical location.' The Ministry said the book was a useful cultural and knowing addition, given that it tackled important phases of Libyan politics which played an important role in forming the modern state of Libya. It indicated that 300 copies of the book have been printed and would be on display in bookshops and cultural centres, and also to be distributed to government bodies and Libyan embassies abroad.

Source: Libya News Agency