Thursday, 2/7/2020 | 10:38 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

FM meets heads of diplomatic missions to Libya

Tripoli-GNA Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala briefed head of diplomatic missions in Tripoli on developments of the Libyan crisis last night. In statement to Lana reporter after the meeting, Siala said; 'We held the meeting to brief diplomatic missions on developments of Libyan crisis which took a very series turn after shelling civilians and residential areas using Grad rockets which are banned for use in residential areas'. 'We held the meeting also to see if there are any requests for security and to brief them on Foreign Ministry efforts and Presidency Council with international and regional organizations and Security Council to issue a fair resolution that not only calls for ceasefire but for the return of the attacking forces to their positions and civilian protection, stressing that there will be no military solution to the Libyan file' he added. 'These developments exposed those who try strongly to resort to military solution and to sabotage the political track that was started prepared for GHadamas meeting, and those who advocate democratic civil state based on constitution presidential and parliamentary elections' he said. saila also said; 'We briefed them on our efforts to convene the Human Rights Council and obtain at least 16 countries to convene the meeting because the acts amount to crimes against humanity and criminalized by humanitarian criminal law and criminalized by Rome Statute'. He also said we briefed them that the GNA is working to collect evidence to present the culprits to local and international justice, therefore, the meeting is important and these news will be communicated to their capitals we also thanked them for their contribution to the Libyan cause and provided them with the opportunity to see beforehand reality in the country.

Source: Libya News Agency