Wednesday, 23/9/2020 | 9:35 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

First vice-president of Presidency council and Minister of education discuss preparations for exams.

Tripoli, First vice-president of Presidency Council, Ahmed Maitiq and Minister of Education, Mohamed al-Azabi discuss preparations for exams. They also discussed several issues related to education, especially latest preparations carried by the Ministry for General Certificate exams. Specialists at the ministry presented the latest arrangements and preparations taken by the departments concerned with the exams. Head of Follow up Unitat the Exams General Department, Mahmued al-Fali underlined that the department began typing exam papers for students of basic education and that work is underway to package exam papers and dispatched them to the regions. Al Fali called for the need to provide financial and logistic support to the exams dept and foremost remunerations of teachers supervising the exam process for last year school year. Minister of Education, Mohamed al-Azabi stressed that he would focus all his efforts to carry out the exams at the set time and would prioritize easing difficulties and obstacles hampering work of the Exams department and pay the remunerations of teachers for last year exams.

Source: Libyan News Agency