Monday, 20/1/2020 | 8:29 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Final Ceasefire Agreement Regarding South Tripoli Clashes Signed in Tarhuna

Tarhuna-Under patronage of the Werfalla Tribes Social Council, a final agreement for ceasefire in south Tripoli area was signed in Tarhuna on Tuesday. Lana correspondent in Trahuna said the Council of sheikhs and notables of Tarhuna welcomed the agreement signed by Tripoli and Tarhuna as a means to promote reconciliation. The Council said Tarhuna was committed to reconciliation effort mounted by the Werfallah Social Council, stressing that the Tarhuna tribes reject violence and political and religious extremism and they were not linked to any foreign agenda, or violent groups. The Council extended condolences to families of the victims, and appealed to all fellow Libyans to lay down their weapons and to resort to reason and dialogue as a way to resolve differences. The Council also appealed to those who were given refuge in Tarhuna after fleeing their areas to commit themselves to respect enforced laws, and those accused in criminal offences to appear before court to clear their names. It stressed that in the event that any of those chose not to respect these norms, the Tarhuna Tribal Council will be obliged to look into curtailing their stay.

Source: Libya News Agency