Friday, 5/6/2020 | 5:09 UTC+0
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Feeling Porny – Who Watches Pornography in South Africa? [analysis]

Porn and who gets to screen and watch it has always been a controversial issue in South Africa. In fact, this week the Cape High Court is hearing an application by the Justice Alliance of South Africa and two other organisations to have pay channel StarSat’s licence revoked because it allegedly misrepresented the “type” of adult content it would screen. But who consumes porn in South Africa and where are they watching?

While three conservative Christian-based activist organisations are currently lobbying the Cape High Court to restrict the broadcast of adult content on the pay channel StarSat, South Africa’s consumers of porn are watching it elsewhere – mostly on the Internet.

This week Judge Lee Bozalek will hear ongoing arguments from Cause for Justice, The Justice Alliance of South Africa (JASA) and Doctors for Life, the three organisations who have brought the application charging that the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) did not follow procedure when awarding a licence to broadcast pornography to TopTv (now StarSat) in April last year.

Aocate Darryl Cooke, arguing for JASA, told the court this week that Playboy TV, one of three suppliers of porn to StarSat, had misled ICASA…

Source : Daily Maverick