Monday, 20/1/2020 | 8:46 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

FAO GIEWS FPMA Bulletin, February 2015

 Export prices of wheat and maize declined in January reflecting large global supplies and favourable prospects for the 2015 crops. International quotations of rice continued to weaken with the completion of the 2014 main harvests. Overall, cereal export prices were below their year-earlier values.

 Despite relatively low international cereal prices, the depreciation of national currencies in several importing countries has put upward pressure on domestic prices in recent months, particularly in CIS and South America.

 In Central America, prices of staple maize resumed increasing in January and were well above their values at the same time last year. Prices of red beans remained twice those of a year earlier notwithstanding recent declines.

 In sub-Saharan African countries, in spite of seasonal increases, cereal prices remained generally lower than a year earlier reflecting adequate supplies from the overall good 2014 harvests.

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