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Libyan Newswire

Excellent Libyan-Austrian economic relationship

Libya is recognized as an important Austrian trading partner. Preliminary trade figures for Libyan-Austrian trade in 2013 identify Libya as Austria’s 48th most important trading partner in the world, and more outstandingly 3rd in Africa. A strong December (+55%) lead to full year Austrian exports to Libya of EUR 122 million (+42%) making Libya the 66th most important export market for Austria 2013.

Imports from Libya decreased by 26% to EUR 465 million largely due to diminished Libyan oil deliveries. Libya as an import market is still ranked 33rd for Austria and is still the 4th most important oil supplier for Austria. Libya and Austria share a long history of cooperation and joint successes.

Austrian companies showcase their latest technical innovations in the construction & infrastructure industry at LIBYA BUILD 2014 in Tripoli, Libya

11 Austrian companies (9 in the group participation and 2 individual exhibitors represented by their Libyan partner) are presenting their state of the art technologies in the construction & infrastructure industry at LIBYA BUILD 2014 and offer the Libyan institutions and companies years of experience collected during construction & infrastructure projects all around the world. Austria’s construction & infrastructure industry has a long tradition and is famous and renowned worldwide for its quality, innovation and competitiveness.

LIBYA BUILD 2014 offers an opportunity to learn more about Austrian products and technologies.

The 10th International Building and Construction Exhibition, Libya Build 2014, will be held from the 19th to the 22nd of May 2014 at the Tripoli Sport City in Libya.

Ranging from public infrastructure such as road works and housing units to commercial and tourism projects the construction & Infrastructure sector is expected to create numerous new jobs and high-volume business in the coming years. Austria is a reliable and well established partner for Libyan companies in this essential phase.

This year’s exhibition in Tripoli is the best place to discuss the prospects of the Libyan construction industry and to build new promising partnerships and projects.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Pavilion in Hall 1 at LIBYA BUILD 2014 in Tripoli.

9 Participants of the Advantage Austria group exhibition include.