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EU welcomes the formation of a temporarily security committee.

EU welcomes the formation of a temporarily security committee.Saturday , 16-01-2016 – 18:52:00

Tripoli, 16.01.2016 – Lana – Head of the European Union mission in Libya ‘Natalia Apostolova’ , had welcomed the decision took by what so called the Libyan presidential council to from a temporarily security committee , pointing out that there will be punishment upon those who hinder the Libyan political accord execution , or those who violate the related security council resolutions. In a press statements , published on Saturday , Apostolova said that , this positive development is a another important step towards the execution of the Libyan political accord , and the security council resolution No. 2259 , which calls on for what so called the presidential council to complete the temporarily security procedures , to achieve stability in Libya. The temporarily security committee should start its work now , and to work very fast , and all concerned parties have to allow the committee to carry on its duties without any obstructions , she added. =Lana=