Saturday, 28/3/2020 | 3:29 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

EU Welcomes Appointing UN New Envoy to Libya, Approves Extension of Work for its Mission

Brussels - - The European Union has welcomed the appointment of Ghassan Salama as the new UN Special Envoy to Libya, voicing its readiness to establish a constructive working relationship with him, to find a lasting solution to the crisis rocking the country since 2011. The EU Ministers have approved extension of the EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya 'EUBAM'. The Ministers, meeting in Brussels said in a statement carried by the Italian Aki news agency, linked the issue of migration closely to the political and security situation in Libya. As for the Sea operation 'Sofia' designed to combat illegal migration across the Mediterranean, the Ministers said they were satisfied with what its staff have accomplished thus far and said it would be extended in the coming weeks. The Ministers said the EU was committed to use all available means to enhance all activities aimed at curbing the flow of migrants to Libya and from it to Europe. In this respect they welcomed all effort being mounted by members states in collaboration with Libya to confront migration. Brussels was keen to use tough language against those it saw as obstructing political understanding that might lead to a solution of the crisis, saying 'the EU is ready to extend sanctions to traffickers and all those proved to be involved in human rights violations. =Lana=

Source: Libya News Agency