Thursday, 13/8/2020 | 7:30 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

EU Congratulates Libyans on liberation of Serte from Daesh.

New York, The EU congratulated the Libyan people on liberation of Serte from Daesh terrorist Organization. It described the liberation of Serte a major step forward. The statement was made by a spo0kesperson of the High Representative for security and External Relations, Frederica Moghrini, The spokesperson n said " We congratulate the Libyans for their efforts and praise those who sacrificed with their lives in the fight against terrorism'. The EU renewed according to the spokesman its contious support to the Libyan political accord and efforts made by the Presidency Council to realize security and stability across Libya. He urged the Libyans to rally behind the accord for its success through the spirit of consensus.

Source: Libya News Agency