Tuesday, 11/8/2020 | 6:58 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

EU condemns presence of foreign mercenaries in Libya

TRIPOLI— The European Union (EU) Delegation to Libya on Wednesday condemned the presence of foreign mercenaries in Libya and called on all Libyan and regional players to make efforts to lift oil blockade.
“We call on all Libyan and regional actors to constructively engage in efforts to lift the blockade. We strongly condemn the presence of foreign mercenaries in Libya, including the Sharara oilfield and any other oil infrastructure,” the Delegation said in a statement.
“The presence of mercenaries endangers the integrity of the installations and facilities, with possible long-term implications for Libya’s oil production,” the statement said.
The delegation, the diplomatic mission representing the EU in Libya, expressed support for the UN-backed government’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) “in its efforts to resume oil production while also seeking to ensure transparency in the utilisation of oil revenues.”
“All actors, Libyan and foreign, should ensure the NOC is able to fulfill its vital mandate unimpeded on behalf of all Libyans,” the statement said.
The Foreign Ministry of the UN-backed Libyan government on Saturday said that there were “mercenaries” allied with the rival eastern-based army, which shut down oilfields and ports.
According to the NOC, Libya has lost more than 6 billion U.S. dollars since oil exports were suspended in January.

Source: Nam News Network (NNN)