Friday, 7/8/2020 | 9:53 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

EU Concerned Over Humanitarian Situation in Libya.

Brussels, The European Commission has expressed concern over the prevailing humanitarian situation in Libya, as it prepares to send back irregular migrants to their countries. The Foreign Ministers of the EU 28 member states meeting here, stressed in their recommendations that 'the EU is concerned by the prevailing humanitarian situation in Libya where 1.3 million are in need of urgent assistance.' The Ministers called on Libyans to double their effort to improve human rights conditions especially in detention centres, by setting up proper structures. The Ministers renewed their commitment to cooperate with the Libyan authorities to curb irregular migration in accordance with the Malta declaration. The stressed the importance of Libya's participation in measures that have been taken, to curb irregular migration and save lives and said the EU will continue to work with concerted complementary activities.' However, European leaders meeting in Malta in an unofficial session on Friday, endorsed a plan related to the migration dossier and its repercussions in collaboration with the International Migration organisation and the High UN Commission for Refugees. The European Union plans to render support for the International Migration Organisation to step up measures aimed at assisting migrants to voluntarily return to their countries in collaboration with the UNHCR with the help of the Africa Allocations Fund. The EU also looks to cooperating with Libya provinces 'to upgrade alternative living means and support for local communities which receive migrants.' International and human rights organiations and non-government organisations condemned the measures announced by the European Commission to prevent migrants from reaching the European continent, saying it would be unacceptable to dump them in a war-torn country. Welcoming the establishment of the Presidency Guard which saw the deployment of the first unit, the non-government organisation 'Save Children' said it all about protecting institutions set up as part of the Political Agreement and to protect diplomatic missions in Tripoli. The EU said it was 'prepared to consider possible support for the Presidency Guard.'

Source: Libya News Agency