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EU and UN share approach of “dialogue, diplomacy, multi-lateralism”

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Federica Mogherini. UN Photo/Loey Felipe

The European Union (EU) and the United Nations will continue to share and strengthen their ties through “dialogue, diplomacy and multi-lateralism.”

That was the commitment made by the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, addressing the Security Council on Monday.

Federica Mogherini said that with unprecedented global challenges, the UN and the EU needed each other, and she called for a new resolution to help enforce an arms embargo off the Libyan coast.

Dianne Penn has more.

In a wide-ranging briefing to the Council, Ms Mogherini touched on the Middle East peace process, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine, Africa and Afghanistan, as areas where the EU and UN were already cooperating, and would continue to work together.

She said that in many parts of the world, the EU and UN were considered a “global security provider,” from Colombia to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

There were specific areas where the Security Council could do more to strengthen their union, she added, including Libya, where she said the European naval operation needed a mandate to crack down on arms smuggling off the war-torn country’s coast.

“Knowing that the key elements of the European Union foreign security policy are, and are going to stay, those of dialogue, diplomacy, multi-lateralism, this is the European way, this is the UN way, and we are looking forward to strengthen even more, our cooperation.”

She added that recent experience trying to end conflict in Libya and Syria showed how effective working in close coordination with UN envoys could be.

At a particularly challenging time for Europe, beset by problems of migration and terrorism, the UN was more important than ever.

Dianne Penn, United Nations.

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