Wednesday, 27/5/2020 | 10:12 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire


ADDIS ABABA, April 20 — The Ethiopian government has strongly condemned “the atrocious massacre” committed by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group of Ethiopian migrants in Libya following the release of a video by the Islamist terrorist group showing the atrocious and ruthless killings of migrants in Libya.

Government Communications Affairs Office Minister Redwan Hussein told the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) here Sunday that Ethiopia condemned such inhuman act on innocent migrants.

Redwan recalled that from the very beginning, the people of Ethiopia and the government had been striving in the struggle and fight against religious extremism and terrorism. Such efforts helped the country to ensure peace, stability and development, he stated.

Despite different international media having dispatched the story that the IS had committed the brutal killings on Ethiopian migrants, he noted that it had not been confirmed yet. “We have seen the video but our embassy in Cairo has not been able to confirm that the victims are Ethiopian nationals,” Redwan said.

However, whether the victims are Ethiopians or not the government strongly condemned the atrocious killing of innocent migrants, he added.

He urged Ethiopian citizens residing in Libya and other neighbouring countries to exercise caution and be on the alert for terrorist attacks and avoid areas under the control of the IS.

Ethiopia is closely following the issue and developments in Libya, said Redwan, who confirmed that the government was ready to evacuate Ethiopians from Libya and called on Ethiopians resident in Libya to contact the Ethiopian Embassy in Cairo.