Thursday, 24/9/2020 | 1:27 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Elektrans Shipping Pte. Ltd. on UN’s de- listing of Distya Ameya

We wish to inform the shipping fraternity that our vessel, Distya Ameya (IMO No 9077343), was denotified by UN Security Council, from the UN sanction list. The vessel had been notified on 27th April 2016 because she loaded, what was subsequently found to be, illicit crude.

Achieving denotification of the vessel in merely 16 days is an unparalleled achievement which was made possible with the timely support and intervention from Indian Flag, particularly the Director General of Shipping, Shri Deepak Shetty, officials at Ministry of External Affairs, the Indian permanent representative to the United Nations and the Indian Ambassador to Libya.

It is relevant that the Libyan Ambassador to the UN, Mr Ibrahim Dabbashi, when commenting about the sanctions imposed on the vessel, acknowledged the support received from Indian Flag and went on record as stating "tanker operators had no intention of getting involved in an improper transaction and had lacked proper information", thereby exonerating the vessel's owners / managers / operators from any suggestion of wrongdoing or impropriety. The Libyan government's conviction that the vessel owners / managers / operators acted in a bona fide manner led to Libyan government withdrawing its complaint, which in turn facilitated the expeditious denotification of the vessel.

We wish to reiterate that neither vessel owners/managers - "Arya Ship Charterers/ Elektrans", were aware that there was any issue with the cargo loaded on the vessel. Pertinently, at the relevant time, the vessel was under charter and was operating in accordance with charterer's instructions. However, immediately upon being notified that a "sanctioned" cargo was loaded on board, vessel owners, managers and charterers acted strictly in accordance with instructions received from the UN, through the flag state. This resulted in an expeditious resolution of the situation, to the satisfaction of the UN, the Libyan government and the Indian government / flag.

Before we conclude, we wish to reaffirm that vessel owners / managers / charterers have the highest regard for international law and global institutions such as the UN, and would never knowingly act contrary to any internationally recognised sanction regime. Vessel owners / managers / charterers would also never intentionally act in a manner which would have the effect of bringing the nation or flag into disrepute.

Lastly, we conclude by expressing our profound appreciation for the unflinching support received from DG Shipping, Shri Deepak Shetty. Without his support it would have been impossible to expeditiously diffuse the situation.

Source: Elektrans Shipping