Monday, 20/1/2020 | 8:37 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Electricity company: number of power stations in Qasr Ben-Ghesheer severely damaged

Tripoli - The media office in the general electricity company said, that Hakimiya station (11 K.V), in Qasr Ben-Ghesheer, had been exposed to severe damage, due to clashes south of the capital Tripoli, which caused in power outage in number of areas in the vicinity. This station is considered one of the main branch stations, that links between three (30 K.V) stations. On the other side, the company confirmed that it's maintenance teams are ready to enter and carry out the maintenance work, as soon as the security situation improves in those areas, the media office added. Also, the maintenance teams had maintained some damages in areas they were able to reach.

Source: Libya News Agency