Wednesday, 19/2/2020 | 4:37 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Electricity Company Cites Lack of Resources for Hours-long Load Shedding.

Tripoli, The General Electricity Company has said the long hours of load shedding which the company imposed on consumers was due to lack of resources, a halt in execution of power projects, shortage in fuel supply and the cold wave hitting the country currently. The power generation output currently is 5150 Megawatts, a shortfall of 1800 Megawatts, an information source at the company said on Wednesday. The company is working on maintaining the production units and transmission stations and entry of new generation units into the national grid, to cut down the load shedding time which exceeded 10 hours a day, the sources said. Engineers were working on fixing the fifth unit at Al Rweis and the fourth at Al Zawiyah power station, which hopefully will lead to less load shedding hours. The company is suffering a huge power generation deficit which forced it to employ the load shedding scheme on several cities and towns across the country for periods exceeding 10 hours at a time power is badly needed for students doing their exams and end of term university exams, let alone the cold wave hitting the country which had a negative effect on families.

Source: Libya News Agency