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Ejdabya patrol apprehends quantity of smuggled copper.

Ejdabya patrol apprehends quantity of smuggled copper.Monday , 1505201716:14:00

Ejdabya, 15 May 2017 (Lana) Ejdabya patrol apprehends lorries loaded with quantity of smuggled copper. Commander of Ejdabya Patrols Capt. Salah Abdulhafiz said in statement after tips indicating that lorries coming from Benghazi in their westward loaded with smuggled cooper, police patrols were ordered on the high way north of the city, after verifying the direction of the lorries. He said when the lorries arrived they were stopped and searched, and apparently they were laden with cooper and second hand spare parts covered by barely. He explained that the lorries were on their way from Benghazi to Zelitin. He said the case would be referred to Ejdabya police station for legal action. =Lana=