Wednesday, 15/7/2020 | 4:47 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire


TRIPOLI, April 18 — At least eight people were killed and a dozen of others were injured on Friday in clashes between the armed forces of the UN-recognized government and the Islamist Fajr Libya (dawn of Libya) militia.

The deaths include soldiers of the Tobruk-based government and three women, a military source told KUNA tonight under anonymity.

The militia that controls the capital city of Tripoli since last August launched a mortar attack on Battalion 101 loyal to the forces of retired general Khalifa Haftar and based in Tajura town, some 14 kms to the east of Tripoli.

The attack apparently resulted from an earlier flash attack by the battalion on the anti-crime agency belonging to Fajr Libya.

Fighter planes flew from Al-Watyah airbase, west Tripoli, to back the military forces in the battles which are still going since Friday morning, the source said.

Meanwhile, Col. Othman Bu-Shoufa said gunfights continue between the army and Fajr Libya militia in several parts of the capital city.

The air force attacked the camps of the militia in Al-Na’am neighborhood in Tajura, he said in statements to KUNA, noting that the army advances on the militia in the western parts of the Tripoli.

He affirmed that the army is about to liberate Tripoli from captivity and defeat the militiamen.

The Air Force attacked several locations of the Islamist militias in the northeastern city of Benghazi and other parts of the country.