Saturday, 25/1/2020 | 2:39 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Egyptians Beheaded in Libya – Tunisia Condemns “Heinous Crime”

Tunisia expresses “g condemnation” at the “heinous crime” perpetrated by terrorist organisation “Daech” in Libya, which cost the life of innocent Egyptian nationals, a Foreign Ministry statement reads on Monday.

Tunisia also denounced this “barbaric and atrocious act which comes to prove anew that blind terrorism is in total contradiction with the international norms, the humanitarian principles and the heavenly laws,” the statement adds.

Besides, the Foreign Affairs Ministry presented heartfelt condolences to the Egyptian government and people, expressing Tunisia’s entire solidarity in these painful circumstances.

The Foreign Affairs department also underlined the imperative “to exert efforts of the international community to take firm position and concrete measures aimed to face up this scourge of terrorism which threatens international peace and security.”

The “Islamic State” organisation,” also known as Daech, had broadcast, Sunday, a video showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian nationals kidnapped last January, in Syrte, Libya.

Source : Tunis Afrique Presse