Tuesday, 31/3/2020 | 10:29 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire


CAIRO, -- The Egyptian government said Friday that it expresses its support to the recent take of four important Libyan oil terminals by the Libyan Army, whish supports the parliament at Tobruk.

In a communique by the Foreign Ministry, Minister Sameh Shoukry said that the Egyptian government grants legitimacy to the actions by the Libyan Army, in reference to the capture of the oil terminals of Zueitina, Brega, Ras Lanuf and Sidra at the beginning of this week, by the troops commanded by General Khalifa Haftar.

The actions by the Libyan Army were condemned by the US and several European nations which demanded the troops commanded by General Haftar should leave the zone of operations, and the implementation of agreements for national conciliation, reached at the city of Skhirat (Morocco) in 2015.

Regarding this, Shoukry described the statements by the protesting countries as 'anticipated', saying that they did not take the domestic conditions of Libya into consideration.

Thursday, The Libyan National Oil Company took the control of the operations in the four oil terminals. 'These facilities are safe,' the Oil Company said in a statement, 'and we have already had contacts with foreign business partners.'

The ports of Zueitina and Brega are intact, whereas those of Ras Lanuf and Sidra, only suffered minor damage.

Visiting the port of Zueitina, the President of the company, Mustafa Sanalla, said the company reached an understanding with the armed forces, for the production of oil not to be interrupted.

The first deliveries of Libyan crude oil, will be carried out from Zueitina, where there are already stored 20 thousand barrels of crude oil, according to the Oil Company.

According to estimates by Sanalla, the production of crude oil in Libya could ascend to the 600,000 barrels per day within the period of one month, a figure that in principle would up to 950,000 barrels a day at the end of 2016.

Source: Nam News Network