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EDC’s 15th annual International Business Scholarships: competition opens

(Ottawa) – November 19, 2014

Export Development Canada (EDC) recently launched its 15th annual International Business Scholarships competition, designed to recognize and develop the next generation of Canadian globally-minded business leaders.

Close to 400 scholarships have been awarded to post-secondary students across Canada since its inception in 2000. The program encourages Canadian youth to pursue a career in the field of international business, and to actively seek opportunities to expand their experience abroad. Applicants who have undertaken – or are planning to undertake – internships or studies abroad are particularly well positioned for this award.

“It is important to learn business fundamentals, but outside of the books, international business is a living, breathing, cultural entity,” said Catherine Decarie, Senior Vice-President of Human Resources and Corporate Communications. “This scholarship encourages students to leave their comfort zone and take advantage of opportunities to gain experience outside of our borders. In our view, there is no better way to learn,” added Decarie.

The scholarships also encourage students to pursue careers combining international business and sustainability. Five of the thirty $4,000 awards are offered to students combining business programs with environmental studies. In 2012, college students in accredited bachelor’s degree business programs also became eligible to apply.

Eric Agyemang, a 2013 recipient from the University of Ottawa and current intern at EDC, said that “it was an honour to be selected by EDC as one of Canada’s top international business students. The scholarship afforded me the opportunity to go on an exchange to Sweden earlier this year and will serve as a key differentiator, particularly in today’s competitive job market. This recognition not only opens new doors for my career but it also solidifies my passion for international business.”

Following the February 2 application deadline, 30 scholarships will be announced in spring 2015 to be awarded to students during the 2015-16 academic year.

The scholarships are a key component of EDC’s community investment strategy in the area of trade education for Canadian youth. As part of EDC’s Youth Education Program, university and college professors are also encouraged to make use of EDC-sponsored case studies to bring the challenges and lessons from Canadian companies engaged in international business to the classroom.

For additional information, as well as a listing of past scholarship recipients, please visit: www.edc.ca/scholarships. The scholarships program is managed by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) on behalf of EDC. For more information on the EDC sponsored case studies, please visit our Case Studies page.

Here is a sample of the talent within the group of awardees last year:

Viktor Holicek completed two study exchanges in Asia. A budding entrepreneur, he is starting his own distribution company with supply chain links into Asia, Europe, and potentially South America.

Deanna Mirlycourtois has participated in sustainable economic development projects in El Salvador, Ecuador and Brazil.

Rohith Manhas completed an internship with the Canadian-India Business Counsel in Mumbai. One of his projects earned him a Surrey Board of Trade Top 25 under 25 Award.

About CBIE

CBIE is a national, bilingual, not-for-profit, membership organization dedicated to making Canada a global leader in international education. CBIE’s membership comprises 150 colleges, universities, school boards and associates. It is based in Ottawa.

About EDC

EDC is Canada’s export credit agency, providing financing and insurance solutions locally and around the world to help Canadian companies of any size respond to international business opportunities. As a profitable Crown corporation that operates on commercial principles, EDC works together with private- and public- sector financial institutions to create greater capacity for Canadian companies to engage in trade and investment.

For more information about how EDC can help your company, call us at
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