During his meeting with the Italian Consul in Benghazi: the head of the House of Representatives’ office praises Italy’s role and support to achieve security and stability in Libya.

Tripoli, the head of the House of Representatives' office, "Abdullah Al-Masry Al-Fadil" praised the interest of the Republic of Italy in the Libyan file, which was evident through the level of delegations visiting Libya.

This came during his meeting today, Tuesday, with the Italian Consul in the city of Benghazi, "Carlo Batori" at the headquarters of the House of Representatives, according to what was published by the official spokesman for the House of Representatives, "Abdullah Blehaq" on his official page.

During the meeting, Al-Fadil stressed that Italy's support to achieve security and stability in Libya will certainly be reflected in the security and stability of Italy, the Mediterranean countries and the European Union countries.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives also valued the reopening of the Italian Consulate in Benghazi to provide services to the citizens of the two countries. In the interest of the two countries.

The meeting dealt with the continuous cooperation between the two friendly countries at the parliamentary level and ways to support it to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples.

Source: Libyan News Agency