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Libyan Newswire

DTM Libya – Tripoli Flash Update #7 (16 April 2019)

Following the onset of armed conflict on 05 April 2019 in South Tripoli, at least 4,870 families (approximately 24,350 individuals) have been displaced from their homes. Since DTM's last update on 14 April, an additional 1,220 displaced families (approximately 6,100 individuals) were identified.

Clashes continued in conflict-affected neighborhoods in South Tripoli, reportedly with continued use of airstrikes. A rapid market assessment was conducted to assess the extent to which the ongoing conflict has been affecting several Tripoli neighborhoods in terms of availability of food items, nonfood items and public services.

Most displaced households are currently staying with family and in private accommodation in different neighborhoods and suburbs of Tripoli, as well as along the coastal line in Western Libya and the Nafusa mountains; please refer to pages 3-4 of this report for further details. Over 1,900 IDPs have been accommodated in collective shelters set up by local authorities.

Currently, around 3,600 migrants remain in detention centers in Tripoli and are among the most vulnerable populations at risk, especially the 890 migrants in Qasr Bin Gashir Detention Center in direct vicinity of armed conflict.

Source: International Organization for Migration