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Libyan Newswire

DTM Libya – Tripoli Flash Update #4 (11 April 2019) [EN/AR]

Following continued clashes in South Tripoli, another 720 families (approximately 3,600 individuals) were displaced on 09-10 April 2019, bringing the total number of displaced households since the onset of armed conflict on 05 April to 1,615 families (approximately 8,075 individuals). Over the past 48 hours, conflict-affected areas have increasingly been impacted by electricity and water outages as well as road closures.

Most displaced households are currently staying with family and in private accommodation in Tripoli, Tajoura, Swani, Janzour, Msallata, Garabolli, Al Khums, Zintan, Yefren, Al Zahra, Al Maya, Gheryan, Bani Waleed and Tarhuna (breakdowns per location below).

Furthermore, the number of IDPs identified in collective shelters in Tripoli and surrounding areas has also increased to over 600 individuals as local authorities are setting up more shelters to receive displaced families.

Source: International Organization for Migration