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Libyan Newswire

DTM Libya – Tripoli Flash Update #17 (23 May 2019)

Since DTM's last update on 17 May, clashes and airstrikes reportedly continued in the areas of Wadi al Rabea, Swani, Qasr Ben Gashir, Khalla al Furjan, Ain Zara and Aziziya. DTM identified an additional 1,455 displaced families (approximately 7,275 individuals), bringing the total number of internally displaced persons to at least 16,460 families (approximately 82,300 individuals) who have been forced to leave their homes due to armed conflict since the start of hostilities on 04 April 2019.

While most IDP families are staying in private accommodation, over 3,200 IDPs are currently hosted in collective shelters. The majority of displaced households were identified in different neighborhoods of Tripoli, the Nafusa mountains and various locations along the coastal line of Western Libya. IDP families displaced to locations close to areas of conflict remain at risk, along with host community members providing them with shelter. Furthermore, over 3,380 migrants remain in detention centers in Tripoli and nearby areas and are also considered to be at high risk of being affected by the conflict.

Based on rapid profiling of over 1,100 IDP families, 51% of displaced individuals are estimated to be female and 49% male. Furthermore, over 48% of IDPs were estimated to be children under the age of 18. Please refer to the full sex-age breakdown on the left, and to pages 2-3 of this report for more details on location disaggregated figures. DTM has conducted several rounds of rapid assessments on the impact of conflict on availability of food, access to markets & cash as well as availability of services in affected areas.

Source: International Organization for Migration