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Dozens killed by truck bomb at police training centre in Libya

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Special Representative and Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) Martin Kobler. UN Photo/Manuel Elías

Dozens of people have been killed by a truck bomb targeting a police training centre in western Libya, according to news reports.

The head of the UN Mission in Libya, Martin Kobler, “strongly condemned” the terrorist attack.

Matthew Wells reports.

According to eye-witnesses, the truck crashed through the gate of the facility in Zliten as hundreds of recruits were gathering there for a ceremony.

The Libyan news agency reported that 50 have died, but other reports suggest the figure is higher.

There are two rival governments vying for control in Libya, following four years of increasingly violent civil conflict, although the UN is working to bring both sides together in a new Government of National Accord.

Special Representative Martin Kobler offered his condolences to the families of the victims and said that the terrorist attack demonstrated that “urgent progress” was needed on reaching an accord.

With fighting continuing on the Libyan coast after attacks by ISIL militants on oil refineries in Sidra and Ras Lanouf, Mr Kobler said the country could not afford to remain divided “in the face of such a serious terrorist threat.”

Matthew Wells, United Nations.

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