Discussing problems and difficulties facing the workflow in all branches of Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency

Tripoli -The expanded security meeting, which was held yesterday at the Office of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency in Tripoli, dedicated to discuss problems and difficulties that facing workflow of all branches of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency, and setting solutions to them, in a way that contributes to the success of the tasks that assigned to them.

The meeting included Head of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency, Colonel "Muhammad Al-Khawja", the heads of the branches of Benghazi, the southern region and Kufra, the head of Bani Walid office, the head of the deportation office at Misurata airport, the heads of Al-Qatroun, Barak Al-Shati and Sirte shelters, , and the directors of departments and offices headed by the agency.

Al-Khawja praised in his remark efforts of all affiliates in the branches, offices and shelters in taking their responsibilities in combating this phenomenon by legal means.

Al-Khawja stressed the need to work hard in this file, work on the voluntary return of migrants, and coordinate with various components of the Ministry of Interior and the relevant authorities regarding this file.

Source: Libyan News Agency