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Libyan Newswire

Deputy head of UN Mission and chief of humanitarian affairs in libya warns that any foreign intervention in Libya would exacerbate Humanitarian crisis.

Tripoli, 02.03.2016(Lana) Deputy head of UN Mission chief of humanitarian Affairs in libya, Ali Al-Za'tari warned that any foreign intervention in Libya would exacerbate Humanitarian crisis and further fragmentation of the country. He underlined that the national accord government was a necessity to shift the situation in Libya into safe shores. Turkish news agency Anatolia quoted Ali Al-Za'tari as saying; 'There are 435,000 or more displaced people inside the country and 250,000 or more immigrants or refugees coming from nearby countries besides more than 2.4 millions in need for food and health care'. "Nearly, 900,000 Libyans need a better water and sanitation services and 97% of those needed humanitarian aid need communal protection' he said there is exacerbating humanitarian crisis particularly in Benghazi'. Al-Za'tari said financial resources available to meet the humanitarian needs are not enough and that 166 million dollars are required of which 4.4m are available and there is further humanitarian suffering in libya. On Western intervention, Ali Al-Za'tari said fighting means further displacement and destruction. He said the pressing issue now is speedy dealing with the humanitarian crisis in libya'. Ali Al-Za'tari is deputy of head of UNSMIL, Martin Kobler and also chief of UN mission for Humanitarian Affairs set up in September 2011 upon a UN Resolution No 2009.

Source: Libya News Agency