Dbaiba Sets Conditions For Joining His Government, And Denies All Leaks About The Composition Of The Government.

Tripoli,The head of the national unity government, Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba, specified the conditions that must be met by the candidates to form his government, which are to be submitted to the House of Representatives on the date set for granting confidence, stressing at the same time that there is a historical responsibility towards the House of Representatives to give confidence to the government.

On its official page, the media office of the Prime Minister quoted “Dbaiba” as saying (I will not accept any candidate for the government who cannot work in all parts of Libya, and that it is a condition for all candidates to work in all regions of Libya and go to them all, not according to the logic of one region without the other).

On the questions raised about naming the ministries and the occupants of positions in his government, he said (The announcement of the government will take place as soon as its formation is completed through the various media.

Regarding the news circulating on social media about the lists of the expected government formation, Dbaiba refuted this news ... and said (All the names that are raised on social media platforms are only for attention, and that the names are being consulted in a very narrow and unannounced scale.

It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, "Abd al-Hamid Dbaiba," had visited the city of Tobruk yesterday, Friday, during several consultations as part of his efforts to communicate permanently with all parts of Libya.

Source: Libya News Agency