Dabaiba Confirms In His First Speech To The Libyan People His Readiness To Work With Everyone For The Sake Of Homeland.

President of the National Unity Government, Abd al-Hamid Dabaiba, congratulated the Libyans for agreeing on a new political map to be a path to end conflict and reach elections on constitutional and democratic foundations to end the transitional stages.

Dabaiba expressed, in a televised speech addressed to the Libyan people, his thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to this achievement, headed by the United Nations Mission in Libya represented by Mrs. Stephanie Williams and her team of sponsoring and organizing the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, as well as the members of the forum with its various tracks who succeeded in continuing.

To sit at the negotiating table throughout this period, defeating the peaceful solution and the tools of democracy over the tools of war and conflict. He also thanked the members of the forum for granting them confidence through his election as the head of the "new national unity" government, the new President of the Presidency Council, Muhammad Yunus Al-Manfi and the membership of both Musa Al-Koni and Abdullah Al-Lafi.

Dabaiba added, "I thank all the members, regardless of whether they choose me or others, and this is democracy whose most important principles are pluralism." He explained that victory goes beyond a stand-alone issue of victory to something greater than that, and represents the symbolism of the victory of national unity, not diaspora, building peace and achieving the desired democracy. And he indicated that his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister was convinced that he and his government are capable of the hands of youth, Women, men and all the people of Libya are to advance the homeland and the citizen’s livelihood, to turn the page of the past and establish the future state.

Dabaiba expressed his readiness to listen to everyone and work with everyone with their different ideas, components, sects and regions for the sake of the homeland because the country deserves from us all cooperation and synergy.

Dabaiba also affirmed the commitment to cooperating positively with the Presidential Council and all sovereign state institutions in order to alleviate the suffering of the citizen and improve the quality of services, stressing his keenness to fulfill the commitment to the electoral and constitutional entitlement in accordance with what is stipulated in the Road Map, the preliminary stage.

Dabaiba pledged to support women and provide youth with the opportunity to contribute to efforts to build state institutions, supply them with blood and new competencies, adhere to the principles of transparency and clarity, prevent exclusion and marginalization, support local government tools, spread a culture of freedom of opinion and expression, and reject hate speech and incitement.

On foreign relations, Dabaiba stressed working on strengthening cooperation relations with brotherly and friendly countries and developing brotherly relations with neighboring countries in a context of mutual respect and in a way that serves the national interest and achieves the goals of the stage and strengthens sovereignty over the national decision.

Contributing to the existence of a politically, security and economically stable Libya. The Prime Minister of the National Unity Government concluded his speech by saying that failure in this sensitive stage of the history of Libya and its people is not an option. The homeland is the trust of the martyrs, the righteous and the founding fathers, and it is a trust for which we are all responsible. To the aspirations and sacrifices of the proud Libyan people.

Source: Libyan News Agency