Monday, 10/8/2020 | 5:09 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Cyrenaica Board supports Al Sarraj initiative and calls on all to support it

Tripoli- Cyrenaica Board expressed full and unlimited support to the initiative of President of Presidency Council on Libyan crisis in Libya and head towards national gathering and parliamentary elections, according to media sources quoting the Cyrenaica Board. Al Sarraj proposed in a televised speech Sunday a seven-point initiative that calls for a Libyan gathering in coordination with UNSMIL and where all Libyan components from all regions are present with political or social influence and those who believe in peaceful and democratic solution and are against state militarization, advocating the right to citizenship, building of civil state, state of law and institutions and respect of the will of the people and who determine their destiny through elections and operationalization of decentralized administration, efficient use of financial resources, inclusive and fair development for all Libya's regions and ensuring good governance an transparency.

Source: Libya News Agency